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Howard Rotberg, a retired lawyer and affordable housing developer, emerges as a distinctive voice in contemporary literature, wielding his pen to expose and challenge prevailing ideologies. With a remarkable career, Rotberg is the author of four thought-provoking books, each offering a unique exploration of ideologies and their impact on the modern world.

As the founder of Mantua Books, Canada's sole publishing house dedicated to conservative values and pro-Israel perspectives, Rotberg has established a platform that amplifies voices aligned with his convictions. His latest collection of essays not only illuminates diverse perspectives on contemporary Western challenges but also draws from his own Second Generation history, providing a personal touch to the analysis.

Howard Rotberg's literary contributions stand as a testament to his commitment to intellectual discourse, conservative values, and the imperative of confronting ideologies that threaten the fabric of a just society. Explore his works and join the dialogue at Mantua Books.


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"He proposes that large segments of the West...have fallen prey to a mass psychosis characterized by self-hatred and a deluded faith in the good will of those sworn to their destruction."

Janice Fiamengo Retired professor at University of Ottawa

"Books like Second Generation Radical (as well as Rotberg’s prior works) are necessary to counter contemporary distorted education and journalism. Readers will appreciate Rotberg’s clear exposition and varied examples as he promotes classic values under modern attack. Highly recommended."

Farrell Bloch Ph.D Washington D.C.

While Nietzsche contended that you must forget history in order to live, and Santayana believed you must remember history to avoid repeating errors, Howard Rotberg lives and breathes history to give voice to the past and prepare for the future.

Dr. Mordechai Nisan Retired lecturer in History at Hebrew University(Jerusalem), Author of many books.

"Howard is ... a very rare moral voice"

Giulio Meotti Cultural Editor, Il Foglio newspaper, Italy

" (he is) determined... to publish the truth - which dare not speak its name - in most mainstream western publications."

Phyllis Chesler Psychologist and feminist, author of 18 books